Salient Features

  1. General
Source River Tadi Khola
VDC Sundaradevi, Balkumari, Samundratar and Thaprek
District Nuwakot
Zone Gandaki
Development Region Central
Location of the Project 27 0 55′ 05″ to 27 0 55′ 40″ N
85 0 21′ 08″ to 85 0 22′ 50″ E


  1. Power Development
Type of Power Generation Run-of-river
Turbine Discharge 6.88 m³/s (2×3.44)
Total Gross Head 99.48 m
Net Head 97.62 – 86.68 m
Installed Capacity 5.00 MW
Average Annual Energy 32.219 GWh
Dry Energy 6.524 GWh
Wet Energy 25.694 GWh


  1. Hydrology and Meteorology
Average Annual Precipitation 2755 mm
Catchment Area at Intake

·         Area above 5000m

·         Area between 5000m and 3000m

·         Area below 3000m

220 km2

20 km2

69 km2

131 km2

Design 100-yrs Flood at Intake 612.77 m3/sec
Design 100-yrs Flood at Powerhouse 635.10 m3/sec
Downstream Release

·         Environmental (m3/sec)

·         Irrigation (m3/sec)



1.2(for Push to Chaitra)

0.7(for Baisakh and Jestha)

0.5(rest of the year)

Long-term Average Flow 24.44 m3/sec
40 Percentile flow (Q40%) 10.68 m3/sec
Adopted Design Discharge 6.88 m3/sec






  1. Weir and Undersluice
Type of Weir Boulder Filled Overflow
Length of Weir 50.0 m
Crest Level of Weir EL 879.48 m
Top Width of Weir 3.0 m
Size of Undersluice 4m x 4.0 m
Crest Level of Undersluice EL 875.48 m
Nos. of gates in Undersluice 1 no.
Width of Divide Wall 1.0m


  1. Intake
Type Free Flow Side Intake
No. of Opening 2 nos.
Crest Level EL 878.08 m
Opening Height 1.40 m (at NWL)
Width 4.0 m
Gravel Flushing Channel 0.6m wide by 0.6m high
Power Canal  
Type Rectangular (RCC)
Length 39.35m
Size (BxD) 2.8mx2.4m
Longitudinal Slope 1:1000


  1. Desilting Basin
Type Dufour (Double-Chamber)
Size of Each Chamber (LxBxH) 59.00mx7.30mx4.20m
Particle Size to be Desanded 0.2mm
No. of Flushing Channel 2.0 Nos.
Size of Flushing Channel (BxH) 0.42m x (0.4 -1.48)m
Flushing Type Continuous
Water Level in Head Pond EL 879.12m


  1. Headrace/Penstock Pipe
Type Mild Steel
Size (before bifurcation) 1.85m and 1.75m
Size (after bifurcation) 1.4m
Length (before bifurcation) 2760.00m
Length (after bifurcation) 15.0m x 2 nos.
Thickness 12mm average



  1. Surge Pipe
Type/Material Non Over Flow Simple Circular/ MS surge pipe Connected with Surge Tank
Diameter of Surge Pipe 1.85m
Length of Surge Pipe 24.4m & 69.5m


  1. Powerhouse
Type Surface
Size (LxBxH) 28.60m x 12.5m x 9.21m
Number of Units 2 nos
Type of Turbine Francis, Horizontal Shaft
Rated Capacity 2.5 MW x 2
Tailwater Level EL 780.00m


  1. Tailrace Canal
Type Rectangular RCC
Size (BxD) 3.0m x 0.75m
Length 79.00m
Longitudinal Slope 1:100
Tailrace Outlet Tadi Khola
  1. Transmission Line & Grid Connection
Specification 33 kV Single Circuit
Length 3.0 km (Powerhouse to Samundratar SS)


  1. Generator
Number of Units 2
Rating 2942 kVA Horizontal Shaft
Power Factor 0.85
Type Salient pole, Synchronous
Cooling TEWAC (Totally Enclosed Water Air Cooling)
Synchronous Speed 500 rpm
Pair of Pole 12
Rated Voltage 6.6 kV
Neutral Grounding Low Resistance Grounding (Exclusive Interlocked)


  1. Transformer
Power rating/ Specification 6.6 kV/33 kV ± 5×2.5%, 50 Hz Three Phase of 2×3.125 kVA (Oil immersed ONAM cooling)


  1. Project Cost NPr (‘000) (Including IDC) :    1,190,000     
  2. Cost per MW NPr (‘000)  :    238,000
  3. Financial Indicators
Return on Equity (2078/79) 17.02%
Return on Assets (2078/78) 5.96%
Payback Period 5.18 yrs


  1. Construction Period      :   36 months